BlizzCon Post #1

Welcome to the first BlizzCon post! Just got into the hotel, and prepping to man the gigantic line outside of the convention center.
This is going to be epic!

Portfolio Growing

I’m working on making my meager skills centered around this site, and that includes my 3d modeling and artwork.  It’s mostly doodles and ideas, but I haven’t gone to the trouble of making them part of a gallery until now.

First up is the 3D Redhurst Project, that’s been going on since 2004.  Though I wish 3DS Max would set a creation timestamp in the renders I save…

I’ll be making a couple more galleries for my portfolio soon, with my 3D Chainmaile Project (which lead into my logo), and a doodle gallery full of random crap.

Neptune’s Pride

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the online browser-based game called Neptune’s Pride is quite an interesting game, and is quickly gaining steam.

Developed by a split-off of 2K Games Australia, named Iron Helmet Games, the focus is a long-term strategy game.  To give the best example of what many people have played, think Risk.  It’s all about balancing income, industry, and research.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Read more

Live Blogging in October

This year, as with the past years, I will be in attendance at the annual BlizzCon Convention, in Anaheim, California.
This time, I will be posting…vigorously, as my phone will allow me to post immediately, and with pictures!
Unfortunately, I know the rules, and will not be taking any footage of the alpha/beta phase games (Diablo 3). I will, however, post pics, videos, and other entertaining snipets the entire time!

WordPress 3.0 Released!

For those who are using WordPress, or looking to use it, a brand new version has just been released!

So far, not a lot has changed on the front page.  But back on the dashboard side, there are several operational changes, while keeping the same style and functionality.  Take it for a spin if you get the chance!

Mac vs Windows

Let’s get off on the right foot here.  I hold no grudge against any software company that has crafted a dynasty out of nothing.  The two major players are Apple and Microsoft.  In fact, for the most part, they are the ONLY players in the game.

Sure, I can argue that Linux is great, free, lightweight, and nice, but to be honest, they are just not as big as the top two contenders.

But, of course, there’s a misconception about the fight between the two.  It’s not Mac vs. PC. Read more

Are you Driven, or are you the Driver?

It’s an important distinction, in my mind.

A person who is driven has pre-set motivators to get a job done.  For example, someone at a workplace that is driven has the goal set for them; a paycheck, a promotion, etc…  Nothing that they’ve created for themselves.

The Driver, however, has the goal in mind, that they’ve set.  The path is their choosing, how to get there, what tools they use, orthodox or not.

In most workplaces, being the driver is difficult.  Keeping in line with the “industry standards” is part of the IT ideal, and is halting creativity in many organizations, trading the new and inventive for “stable and boxed” systems.  Holding off the pitchforks of the nay-sayers, the Driver has to produce quickly and efficiently.

Want a real world example?  Here’s one from my experience:

I’m setting up the deployment for Windows 7.  Unfortunately, the “industry standard” is to use SCCM and Sysprep.  However, there are some issues with deploying SCCM to our live environment that I can’t get into right now.  Sysprep has issues with what I’m telling it to do, to I’m ignoring it right now.

I know my goal: Deploy Windows 7 in as small an image as possible, without using Sysprep and SCCM (or ImageX, but that’s another matter entirely).

How am I doing it?  AutoIt scripting.  98% of the “sysprep” that I’m doing makes up for the lack of Microsoft Sysprep and SCCM/ImageX.  The other 2% is using Ghost Solution Suite for image deployment.

I can image a workstation in 8.5 minutes.  It’s roughly 5gb.  It’s not kosher in the setup, but the end result meets, if not exceeds the goal, and complies with the “industry standard” on the other side.

I am a Driver.  Are you?

Site Redesign 2010

As the year draws on, it’s time for another facelift of my site.  This time, I’ve gone with the popular WordPress CMS.  Since most of what I do with my site is yammer at anyone who even dare looks at it, I think it might be the better choice for the moment.

As with the SilverStripe site, the main links at the very top will concern this site specifically, and how I’m trying to put my services out there.  The good thing is, I actually have something for my Web Portfolio!  The bad news?  I have to actually document what I’ve done in the last few years.

I’ll eventually have my shoddy art up as it’s own portfolio, but that will come in time.

Anyway, for those of you just now joining us, welcome!  There will be more of my incomprehensible, strange, twisted, odd, and uncouth rantings, on top of the actual techno-nerd blatherings.

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