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I’m in Diaspora, and I’m ready! Now to convert the masses!

I’m in Diaspora, and I’m ready! Now to convert the masses!

Surprise Ring of Fire Craft Beer Fest

Surprise, Arizona, just had a event called the Ring of Fire, which coupled with a tennis tournament.  The Ring of Fire event was a craft beer and food festival, where several micro breweries offered up their different brews.  Here are the ones I tried, with pictures to accompany.

1: Kona Brewing, Pipeline Porter. Hawiian kona brew, nice and dark, goes down smooth. Definitely a kona coffee flavor on the finish.





2: Red Hood, ESB. A reddish hued beer, citrus notes, high in the front, takes time to dissipate





3: Sierra Nevada, Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. Not as dark as a porter, darker than a red, a bit nutty.





4: Odell Brewing, 90 Shilling Ale. Good red color, slight citrus notes, but a clean finish.





5: Gordon Biersch, FestBeir. IPA, marked as a lager, it comes out light. Far too many things going on to pin down a particular flavor.





6: Widmer Brothers, Drop Top Amber Ale. Very smooth, wife says it almost has an apple scent.





7: Gordon Biersch, Märzen. A red lager, citrus note, crisp, and clean.





8: Kona Brewing, Longboard. IPA, smooth, but a bit too light in my taste. A bit bland, same as many other IPA brews. Committed alcohol abuse.





9: Odell Brewing, IPA. Great scent, good start, powerful finish. A little like a tea.

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